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” You present the information in a very simple and understandable way, and in a manner that is pleasant to listen to, and occasionally humorous and fun. In short, you have a gift for teaching music. I have directed many other beginning pianist to your web site, where they can get “the most bang.” – Ken Gathercole


“Thanks so much for developing the Rocket Piano course. I am 53 and finally learning to play the piano. I am in the Beginners course and already can see that it is making a difference in my playing. You have a good system for teaching.”- Nick Scott


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Rocket Piano Software Teaches You Not Only What To Practice But HOW To Practice.

Discover How To Get More Out Of 10 Minutes Of Playing Than Some People Will Get From Spending Hours Each Day At It.

Learn to Practice SMARTER, not HARDER, So Learning To Play is Faster and More Enjoyable.

“I have already learned how to play my first Jazz song and I’ve only had Rocket Piano for a week! Thanks.”- Jeff Tallot

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This easy to follow course will teach you how to read music, how to improvize, how to play Jazz and Gospel, and how to play with the “magic and feel” of a professional.

Rocket Piano has been designed to be the easiest system to learn to play the piano available anywhere.

RocketPiano is jam packed with quality information, with hundreds of sound files, illustrations, videos lessons & easy to follow step by step instructions teaching you to read music as well as play by ear.

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Rocket Piano Review

Rocket Piano Course

– Learn Piano Online

Rocket Piano is a series of eBooks, games and MP3 files that you can download and become a member. The eBooks cover everything you could ever want to know about playing the piano. Rocket Piano is top notch when it comes to an interactive piano tutorial. This is great for children and adults both! Rocket Piano is by far the most comprehensive piano training program available online.

Rocket Piano is compiled into 3 high-quality books lifting your skills from a beginner to a professional. Now it goes a step further. The bottom line is that Rocket Piano is made by professionals, to turn more people into professionals. It has a wealth of great material that will really help you learn how to play the piano. Rocket Piano is a complete piano learning system, and contains everything you need to know to play piano. And it is easy to follow, it is all laid out in a step-by-step method.

Rocket Piano is a very professionally done piano lesson package. It also includes audio tracks, and video tracks to support the instructional material. It is centered on three lesson books containing 218 lessons which are jam-packed with information. The lessons are presented in a step-by-step manner which will provide you with the fundamentals you need to learn, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced player. I found that Rocket Piano is as effective as one on one piano tutoring sessions. I personally felt comfortable and at ease with Rocket Piano step by step training course for beginners to intermediates.

Rocket Piano includes hundreds of sound files, pictures, diagrams, videos AND step-by-step instructions training you to play by ear, so you can learn to play virtually any piano song that you ever heard.

Theory, chord, scales, songs, playing rhythm, style, and much more are all there for your reading pleasure. Music notation is also important and after my review, nothing has been left out. I highly recommend this product because I do believe it will deliver results and have you playing popular songs like a professional using the most effective techniques. There is something here for every piano player, regardless of ability.

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Rocket Piano mainly focuses on the very quality of the exercises, since lots of amateurish players don’t know how to practice efficiently. Once you get to master the techniques described in the course, ten minutes of practice will equal hours of faulty or improper training. Mind you I’m a very hard person to please because I’ve tried practically everything under the sun when it comes to piano self study courses. The people at Rocket Piano provide a better way for people to learn piano.

There is really no substitute for good practice and gradually developing your hands and muscle memory for fast piano playing. By changing your daily habits and basing them around the piano, you will further your skills along at a much higher rate than simply practicing for a few minutes. However – if you want to teach your child to play the piano or you are a children’s piano teacher – this program is for you and it is practically unbeatable.

It is also a comprehensive and easy to master technique that will have the student who implements the lessons playing better and better each day with greater quality music than before. It really does accelerate the already accelerated learning process.

I had to drive 22 miles to take my piano classes, which became rather boring as time went by, so I decided to stop again. Anyway, I bought Rocket piano and found out that you will get a long way with it, not to mention all the money I save now. Download rocket piano torrents . It has thousands of rocket piano torrent files. It’s great for beginners who are just getting started with the piano and also for those of you who are intermediate to advanced players who want to improve your skills and move to the next level. You can be learning the piano within minutes from right now!

Rocket Piano is by far the most comprehensive piano training program available online, and is THE BEST piano course on the market for its price. I highly recommend it, and you should definitely get it to improve your piano playing skills.

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